Hobbs Bruun

Troubled Cyborg Detective


High Concept

Relentlessly Truth Seeking PI


Addited to Booze and Chems


Disgruntled Former Cop
I Will Avenge Daemon Warren
Beryllium “Beryl” 8’s Guardian


+4 – Investigate
+3 – Computing, Networking
+2 – Research, Cybernetics, Acuity
+1 – Blasters, Physique, Deception, Presence


Refresh: 3


Physical: 2
Mental: 3

Phase Trio

Phase 1: Left police corps after becoming suspicious when investigations were continually jammed up by higher ups.
Aspect: Disgruntled Former Cop

Phase 2: Former partner, Daemon Warren, was killed some time after he began training K’ratak and mysterious circumstances surround the case.
Aspect: I Will Avenge Daemon Warren

Phase 3: While working a case, Hobbs’ informant Beryllium “Beryl” 8 was attacked by The Dawn Singularity and he helped throw them off her track.
Aspect: Beryllium “Beryl” 8’s Guardian


Troubled cyborg noir detective who lives in a small capsule hotel.

Hobbs Bruun

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