Trained Assassin from EZcorp Security Forces


High Concept

Trained Assassin from EZcorp Security Forces.


PTSD from the Olympia Massacre.


Strong Sexual Magnetism
Ear to the Underground
Goes Way Back with Hobbs Bruun


+4 – Deception
+3 – Infiltration, Blasters
+2 – Physique, Brawling, Resources
+1 – Networking, Acuity, Medicine, Slicers


Sneak Attack: An assassination technique that grants +2 to attack when undetected.

Second Story Work: Experience breaking into buildings of all shapes and sizes grants +2 when attempting to scale structures.

Asset Acquisition: Expert at reading what people need to hear in oder to gain their “cooperation”, granting a +2 to deception.

Refresh: 3


Physical: 3
Mental: 2

Phase Trio

Phase 1: Got “too close” to a subject while working a surveillance job. Subject ended up dead, leaving Smith wracked by guilt. Beryllium “Beryl” 8 created a souped up bike for Smith to escape the situation, parted after a make out session.
Aspect: Strong Sexual Magnetism

Phase 2: Fingered Q to the bounty hunters that were after them.
Aspect: Ear to the Underground

Phase 3: Bonded with Hobbs Bruun over a shared history of leaving former corporate employers.
Aspect: Goes Way Back with Hobbs Bruun


Slight build; short, brown hair; cold, intense, blue eyes; fine features; pale skin; prefers loose, dark clothes.


Mars 2XXX egardepe